Freaky Fotobooth

Project Title: Freaky Fotobooth
Role: Unity Developer
Team Size: 2
Platform: DDR Pad + Webcam + PC
Project Timeline: 2018

Project Details:
Freaky Fotobooth is an experimental interactive art installation that involves a DDR Pad, a Webcam, and a Projector. We used a series of shaders and programmatic effects to create unique filters. The user interacts by pressing the corners on the DDR pad to cycle through filters and the down arrow to save the picture. This unique take on a photobooth debuted at IndieCade 2017 and went on to show at subsequent events in 2018 including Juegos Rancheros and That Party. It was also an invited exhibit at The Getty in LA and Outside the Lens at YoMo.

IndieCade Exhibit 2017
Juegos Rancheros (Austin) 2017
Invited Display at The Getty
Invited Exhibit for Outside the Lens at YoMo

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