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Pirate Jam: 7 Games in 7 Days

In the spring of 2019 I had the opportunity to participate in the Pirate Jam - a game jam that takes place on a boat off the coast of Thailand and lasts 7 days.

I set out to create one game each day of the event. Each of these was made in a period of approximately 12 hours (sometimes less) - I did not pull any all-nighters.

The theme for this jam was Chaos, and both my approach and the things that I made were chaotic in nature.

All art and sound assets purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Sky Pirates is a simple game of bumper cars where the "cars" are pirate ships flying in the air. Bump against the other ships to push them around, and try to push them to the docking zone to "dock" them.

Chaos6 is a chaotic 6-player Android game where all 6 players use one phone at the same time. Each player is assigned a color, and the goal is to tap that color as many times as you can, but each time you tap it it moves somewhere else on the screen. Dodge the tapping fingers of your enemies to find the new location!

Fishotic includes similar multiplayer chaos with two players typing on the same keyboard. There are fish trapped in nets and you have to type the correct letter to release your fish before your enemy releases all of theirs.

ChARtic was my only AR experiment of the week. In ChARtic you use ARcore on an Android phone to place a tiny ship into the real world. Once you place your ship enemies will spawn, and you have to tap to fire cannon balls at them. The cannon balls use physics and have a delay timer, so you have to think ahead and anticipate where the enemy ship is going to end up.

Jellyfish Creator is not a game so much as an interactive screen saver. Different keys on the keyboard are mapped to different colors and styles of particles, and they spawn wherever your mouse is on the screen.

Captain Chaos used the multiplayer system Air Console where players use their phones to connect to one main screen. Each player has two buttons, a green and a blue, and the goal is to match the pattern on the big screen. But the trick is none of the players know which block they control on the screen, so they have to work together to solve the puzzle.

Chaos Harbor was the final and most ambitious project. This is an 8-player online multiplayer game. Each player controls a ship, and their goal is to dock in their designated docking area in the harbour without sustaining too much damage. This was inspired by an event that happened that day where we had to navigate a crowded harbour to dock our boat.

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